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Fulfillment & Distribution

SpringDot® provides worldwide marketing/direct response support coupled with online procurement and warehouse/distribution. We are a company that delivers more of the essential services – and service – you need to build your business.


Our operation is the engine that can propel your direct marketing programs to success, generate repeat buyers and revenues, and accelerate your business goals by providing on-time fulfillment and total satisfaction to your customers.

The way you fulfill a consumer response can make all the difference to the profit picture. Even the most exciting offers and promotions and your best marketing efforts can be damaged by slow or incorrect fulfillment.

When your orders and kitting packing are backed by swift, accurate, quality fulfillment service, you add fuel to the value of your promotions, get your business where you want it to be, and you can expect complete marketing success.

SpringDot®’s customized online solutions can elevate your company to be web commerce ready for your customers or sales offices.



Our warehouse is monitored with 24 hour security and we provide full product insurance to protect your inventory.

Our stock levels insure you never run out of important items and allow for Print-On-Demand services. We assemble and package related items into customizable kits – known as "kitting" – for customer convenience.

SpringDot® distributes literature or products the same day they are requested, and provides direct mail services to speed the process.
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